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Million is a case born of uncompromising craftsmanship. An ultrathin and flexible Polypropylene chassis that offers complete 4 sided protection, complete with an Inlay of 316 stainless steel plated in a luxurious finishes. Made by Verdacci

Practically Luxurious

Million is very simple at its core. It is made of two parts, each individually selected for its properties, making it perfectly suited to its task. We call that a match made in heaven.

The case



We believe that no single part in the overall case could succeed in its job without the other. Rather, both perform better when bonded to the other. Now isn’t that sweet.

The Million chassis has been manufactured from thin and light polypropylene. This allows for extreme external flexibility which in turn means we can offer complete 4 sided protection.

The centerpiece. The plate has been manufactured from the highest quality 316 stainless steel. Not only is it strong, but provides an amazing surface for our luxurious finishes.

Icon of the million case

Free 1 year replacement on

the chassis if it breaks

Icon of custom engraving

Make it unique with personal

Engraving. Coming soon

Icon of thickness of the plating

Made from 316 Stainless Steel

covered in 2 micron plating

Icon of custom engraving

Only environmentally safe

materials in our finishes

Designed for you

Available with optional personalisation and a choice of 4 designs and counting, Million was designed with you in mind.

  • No 1


    For those who appreciate life’s simpler pleasures. A plain plate with the full million logo engraved along the bottom for a classic look.

  • No 2


    Full of elegant detail formed from intricate swirls, this piece is both stylish and beautiful; the perfect combination.

  • No 3


    A regal design, the pattern comprises of a mixture of paisley with a more traditional rose. A sophisticated piece, sure to make a statement anywhere.

  • No 4


    A simpler pattern than the paisley and royal, this piece offers sophistication and style to those who want stylish design and less bling.

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Take the next step and get your case now. Million is a brilliant investment due to our free replacement programme, and we hope the last case you will ever buy.

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